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A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014)

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Photography by Barry Thornton, Stratford-upon-Avon Theatre Review

‘What visions have I seen!’

Transported to the revolutionary 1980s, prepare to be dazzled by rebellious punk-rock fairies and tickled by a determined acting troupe of striking miners. Witness the melancholy lovers break free from the materialistic bubble of yuppies into the wild forest where rebellion, beauty and passion conquer all. The stage is set for love spells, squabbles and transformations, all under the mischievous eye of Robin Goodfellow. This ensemble-driven company will present the madcap escapades of the lovers, fairies and mechanicals in a chaotic world of folly and power struggle. It will be a dynamic, playful performance enriched with desire, mischief, nostalgia, music and enchantment.

“A highly entertaining performance full of warmth and humour, with strong performances from the whole cast” Stratford-upon-Avon Theatre Review

Directed by: Brooke Hess Grant & M. Chase Grant
Produced by: Melissa Barrett, Emily Carding, David Johnson & Fergus Rattigan


Melissa Barrett: Hermia & Mustardseed
Dana Bowman: Egeus, Tom Snout & Peaceblossom
Emily Carding: Theseus & Oberon
Jake Francis: Helena & Peter Quince
Ben Goulding: Francis Flute & Cobweb
M. Chase Grant: Demetrius & Robin Starveling
Luke Lane: Nick Bottom
David Johnson: Lysander & Snug
Becky Jade Pratt: Hippolyta & Titania
Fergus Rattigan: Puck & Philostrate

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