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As You Like It (2018)

As You Like It Cast_Southwest Theatre Photography

‘I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it’

Sun & Moon Theatre’s latest open-air production is an uplifting, wondrous adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Within the confines of the corporate, tech-obsessed world of the Court, the present is grinding, life is passing by and the future feels bleak. But when Rosalind is abruptly dismissed by her uncle, rather than despair, she and her cousin, Celia seize the opportunity for a fresh start, assuming new identities and embracing the liberty and joy of the Forest of Arden.
Those who venture to the Forest find rejuvenation in this bohemian world, free of the hardships of their former lives. They experience love, transformation and the delight of empowerment, switching off, and ‘wasting’ time. Fuelled by live music, sharp wit and the giddiness of falling in love, this jubilant ensemble production of As You Like It serves as a reminder to do what you love, abandon stress and remember how to live!

Directed and produced by Melissa Barrett & David Johnson

2018 Cast:

Melissa Barrett: Celia (Rosalind for Coleshill Organics performance)
George Bradley: Adam, Charles, Silvius, & Jaques de Boys
Georgina Brown: Phoebe, Le Beau & Denise (Celia for Coleshill Organics performance)
Richard Knox: Jaques & Duke Frederick
David Johnson: Amiens & Oliver
Sally Naylor: Rosalind
Emerson Pike: Orlando
Lily Roberts: Touchstone & First Lord
Chelsea Vincent: Duke Senior & Corin

2021 Cast:

Melissa Barrett: Celia, Duke Senior, & Silvius
Georgina Brown: Phoebe, Touchstone, Adam, & Jaques de Boys
David Johnson: Oliver, Jaques, Charles, & Duke Frederick
Sally Naylor: Rosalind and Fleur
Emerson Pike: Orlando & Corin

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