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Let’s Misbehave: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2013)

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‘Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind’

A glimpse into the past from the past! Shakespeare in the Roaring Twenties! Let’s Misbehave: A Midsummer Night’s Dream follows the bizarre escapades of young lovers, strolling players and meddling fairies. Inspired by the cinematography of films like The Wizard of Oz, Sin City and Pleasantville, a picturesque, stylish black and white Athenian setting will erupt into a vibrant colourful world before your very eyes. Set in the late 1920’s, you will be delightfully entertained by a live jazz band, featuring a Cole Porter-inspired Puck, as well as actors rehearsing for a silent film in an age when silent films are on the decline. Witness the black and white lovers and the mechanicals becoming influenced by the colourful fairy land, awakened by passion, desire, rebellion, and chaos. The most magical of Shakespeare’s comedies; prepare yourself for a show full of folly, lust, romance, power struggle and enchantment. It will be de-lovely!

Directed and produced by: Melissa Barrett & Eloise Tong


Rosie Archer: Hippolyta & Robin Starveling
James Bush: Nick Bottom
Emily Carding: Egeus & Tom Snout
Jonathan Daly: Theseus & Francis Flute
Will Day-Brosnan: Puck/Robin Goodfellow
Philippe Edwards: Oberon
Noelle Fair: Hermia
Ben Gilbert: Demetrius
Emily Holyoake: Helena
David Johnson: Lysander
Armonie Melville: Philostrate & Snug
Bryony Reynolds: Peter Quince
Miranda Stewart: Titania

Fairy Jazz Band

Jack Campey: Cobweb, Drums
Mikey East: Moth, Tenor Saxophone
James Lloyd: Fairy, Musical Director & Baritone Saxophone
Ben McNiff: Mustardseed, Euphonium
George Twigg: Peaceblossom, Trumpet

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