Sun & Moon Theatre

The Tempest (2015)

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Photography by Christopher Williams.

“The hour’s now come … Sit down, for thou must now know further”

When a party of noblemen and fools become shipwrecked on a magical island, it is no mere coincidence … Prospero has been waiting 12 years for this opportunity, and has plans for them all! This is a wondrous new production of Shakespeare’s final, most enchantingly imaginative play, The Tempest. This close-knit, versatile ensemble, united by their passion for Shakespeare, their desire to create joyous theatre, and their goal to delight and charm their audiences, will present a playful, bold and spellbinding performance. Prepare to be enchanted by the magic, engaged by the trickery, moved by the romance, tickled by the foolishness and set free by your imagination.

Directed and produced by Melissa Barrett & David Johnson


Melissa Barrett: Ariel
George Bradley: Trinculo & Gonzalo
Emily Carding: Prospero
Chris Harknett: Alonso
Emily Holyoake: Miranda & Antonia
David Johnson: Ferdinand & Caliban
Richard Knox: Stephano & Sebastian

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